Aggregate Products

Mt Somers Rock

Mt Somers Rock is the ideal product for dairy lane construction and replacement, and is the most economical option at only $12 per tonne.

This product has been in the market for 3-4 years and we have sent over 100000 tonne out of our gate during that time with no failures or negative feedback in the slightest.

Benefits of the Mt Somers Rock are that it is long lasting and considerably less slippery than lime or clay based lanes. Due to its ease in mining it fetches the price of $12 per tonne, but also more importantly its weight to metre ratio is far lower than competing products.

From start to finish...

Give us a bell if you would like to visit and inspect a Mt Somers Rock dairy lane in your area, arrange a quote for delivered product to farm, or be put in touch with contractors with experience in our products.

Mount Somers Lime Rock

Mt Somers Lime Rock has proven to be a great quality product for the construction of Dairy Lanes, Silage Bases, Feed Pads and Gateways.

To suit your needs we have a range of sizes for different applications.

We have a number of properties with tracks lasting 4-5 years with minimal maintenance.


We offer a range of products suited to your landscaping needs. With a vast variety options available we are confident that we can find something to suit your concept.

Priding ourselves on our flexibility, we are confident we can offer a customized solution on request to suit your concept.

We love how creative our customers are when using our limestone so there are no limits in how and what you use our lime for in your landscaping.

What we have available:
- Slabs or boulders which are suited for attractive structural/retaining walls
- Feature boulders up to approx. 50 ton
- Lime slabs suited for feature bridges, tables or platforms

Available in bulk.

If you have any questions or would like any pricing information contact us.


Our popular Limestone Chip is well known for being used in landscaping, paths, driveways and as a drainage chip.

Because of its hard wearing and long lasting properties, lime chip is a great choice for customers who want an attractive product that will stand the test of time.

Lime Chip 20mm


5 – 12mm Limestone Chip

Lime Chip 5 – 12 mm



Lime Chip 5 -12mm


12-25 mm Lime Chip

Lime Chip 12 – 25 mm


Victory Lime's Low Permeability Clay is used widely in the constriction of Irragation farm holding ponds and effluent ponds.
Contact us to be put in touch with a suitably experienced contractor.

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