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Animal Health

Victory Lime is Canterbury's largest producer of Limeflour or UFL (Ultra Fine Lime). The products are used extensively as a calcium input supplied directly to feed manufacturers via 25kg bags, 1 tonne sling bags, or pneumatic tanker. Alongside AB Lime in Winton, we produce and market the Healthy Cow range of Calcium Supplements now available South Island wide.

Healthy Cow was developed with the help of an animal nutritionist and targets calcium and magnesium disorders – supporting the health of your herd, increasing milk production and improving performance and profitability.

Healthy Cow is a line of Calcium based animal health products for the dairy market. Healthy Cow Calcium is high quality Lime flour and Healthy Cow Cal + Mag 80/20 is a combination of Lime flour and Magnesium Oxide. They are used by dairy farmers post calving for the prevention of milk fever and grass staggers and to increase milk production. The product is sold in 25kg valve bags and is generally either feed via dusting or in shed with grain / feed.

Healthy Cow
Healthy Cow is available from ATS, Farmlands, RD1, and PGG Wrightson.

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