Victory Lime’s Limestone chip is a clean limestone aggregate produced in various sizes from our quarry at Mt Somers.

Various sizes ranging from 3 mm -7 mm / 7 mm-20 mm / 21 mm-30 mm / 31 mm-50 mm/ 50 mm-80 mm.

This product is available in bulk only.


Lime has been a major part of the construction process for centuries and still has a vast amount of uses within the civil field

One of its main uses is using lime as an additive in the ‘fill drying’ of construction sites

It is also used for ground stabilisation in roading, modification of existing road aggregate and other construction projects like bridges, dams and buildings

  • Waste treatment – drying and neutralizing waste products
  • Ph correction/acid neutralization – agricultural + industrial purposes
  • Tanning industry – pH correction for hair removal
  •  Section stabilization – private homeowners or contractors
  • CO2 absorption – cool stores, export fruit
  • Assisting decomposition – private + commercial compost heaps
    • High quality, ultra-fine product with high calcium content
    • Lime is cost effective and efficient
    • Victory Lime offers Slabs or Boulders for attractive structural / retaining walls
    • Feature Boulders up to approx. 50 ton
    • Building grade Limestone of various sizes suitable for carving
    • Lime Slabs suitable for feature bridges, tables, or platforms
    • It is a cheaper option for those seeking to purchase lime for its general characteristics e.g. roads, tracks, paths etc…
    • Available in Bulk only

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