Our AgLime

Here at Victory Lime, we pride ourselves on producing a consistent, high quality product that is regularly tested to make sure it is the best available in the marketplace.

Our AgLime is tested by independent IANZ accredited labs that specialize in fertilizer testing to ensure it is the high quality you deserve.

With a range of different quantities available to suit your needs, our AgLime is the best choice to help stimulate soil biology, maximize crop yields and minimize the use of other more costly fertilizers.

AgLime Stats

Why use our AgLime?

As a completely natural product AgLime improves the quality of the soil structure by neutralizing soil acid and providing nutrients to trace elements.

Our product will provide the benefits of:
- Enhancing other fertilizer applications
- Encouraging grass and clover growth through the improved soil structure
- Improving feed quality
- Refining pasture palatability


Not all AgLime is created Equal

We are continually surprised at how few people are asking suppliers or transport operators for AgLime test data. Quite simply, ALL AGLIME IS NOT CREATED EQUAL, and the differences between suppliers needs to be considered to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Ask your AgLime Supplier or Transport Operator for current test data, which is also available online here.

Contact us if you have any questions and we would be happy to put you in touch with the right operator for your lime requirements.

For more information on how AgLime quality differs and why it is so important to make sure the Lime you are using is of the highest quality, check out our AgLime Quality

To get in contact with a transport provider click here.

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